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Zynga’s Go Slots

Reports are flying thick and fast about Zynga’s Go Slots, with plenty of attention on the extra functions that you will be able to try out in the game. As yet there is only one slot machine that is available to lower level players, with more becoming unlocked as time goes on (though there is a special festive slot currently available for everyone in order to celebrate the season). This means that you can level up and unlock new games as you go forwards, which will help to keep the game as a whole fresh and exciting, rather than allowing the same set of features to become boring thanks to prolonged usage.

Other than the slot machine games themselves, much has been made of the element of the game which allows you to design your own house and add new elements to it as you level up and earn more virtual cash. Of course, at the moment the cash is all virtual, though there are potential plans in the future to make it a real cash game in certain areas that will legally allow this to be the case. For now though, you can only play for fun, and while many reviews are disparaging of the entertainment value that can be gained from playing slot games without any real outcome there is a way that you can gain fulfilment by spending all of that virtual money.

The money that you bet relates to the amount of experience that you will be able to learn while you are playing, so this means that the more you bet the faster you will level up and the faster you will unlock all of the new features that you are looking forward to seeing, including the chance to increasingly bet more and more to get that experience rate spiralling quickly. You will also find mini games like blackjack and bonus rounds, and afterwards you can go and decorate your bedroom hotel suite how you like. Later on you can unlock kitchens or other rooms, as well as items that produce more coins for you.

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