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Zynga Elite Slots

It looks like slot machine fans will soon have a new outlet, which is sure to be a very popular one indeed. The well known Facebook gaming giant Zynga have plans in place to released Zynga Elite Slots a game network which will allow them to have players using real money bets in search of real money jackpots. They are calling it the “first synchronous, multiplayer slots game,” and it will be their fifth casino type game to date.

The slot machine games that they offer will take on a unique format which may seem familiar to those who have played their other games, such as FarmVille: you will see storybook style animations as well as advancing through themes in order to level up your characters in certain ways. You can select a certain animal to represent you as your avatar, and you can complete quests to gain points and face off against boss games. The only difference here between this and the normal games is that rather by performing tasks by clicking around with your mouse, you will advance by winning slot games – which will help you to win money as well as points. There is a chance to collaborate with as many as one hundred and fifty other players, which will allow you to all win at the same time if you make it, with all of the normal game play rules that you might find in a Las Vegas slot machine applying otherwise. Of course, this will be a free play game at first, and may continue to be free play for a while after being released in the US as they await permission from the Nevada Gaming Control Board to start providing “real-money gambling” in that state. However, there are already plans in place to start the real cash casino games in the UK in 2013, through a partnership with bwin. There are also plans in the future to separate the company from Facebook and create a whole new set of sites where players can take part in the games outside of the social network.

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