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Wynn Loses Payouts

It looks like casino players are not the only ones who can sometimes have a bit of a loss, as billionaire mogul Steve Wynn loses payouts that were promised to him recently in a case of slander against him by Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. The story was that Francis heard from Quincy Jones that Wynn had threatened to kill him, but when Francis repeated this quote on a number of occasions he was soon slapped with a lawsuit by Wynn’s people. Jones denied ever saying anything, and Francis was ordered to pay $40 million in damages to the casino man, whose reputation it was felt had been seriously damaged.

However, in a case of backpedalling, the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell issued a further ruling this Friday which reduced the amount that Francis is going to have to pay. Taking $21 million from the total to bring it down to less than half of what it originally was, this goes against the jury’s ruling and is something that Francis will certainly be very pleased to see. This ruling takes out of the equation the $20 million awarded by the jury, followed by a further $1 million that had been based on comments made on ‘Good Morning America’, which Francis’ lawyers argued were not part of the equation.  Francis has also stated that he is going to carry on appealing the rest of the ruling in order to reverse the judgement that he did slander the mogul, who has coincidentally been linked on several occasions to one of the big mob families.

“Judge O’Donnell committed a judicial error by allowing this case to even proceed to a trial, and she knows it,” Francis said. “This is only the first step of her back peddling and unwinding her illegal actions in order to try to keep her job as a judge.” Meanwhile, Wynn’s attorney Mitchell Langberg said he was not disappointed by the ruling (and, of course, $40 million is not very much to a man who makes billions on slot machine games). “Steve Wynn is very happy with a $19 million compensatory damages award,” he said.

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