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Worst Slots in Vegas Part Two

We have already told you about the first five of the worst types of slots to play in Vegas, and now we continue with a roundup of the top five which you should absolutely avoid. We are not going to tell you to avoid a Wheel of Fortune slot machine here, or to stay away from those that have celebrity themes, but rather we want you to think about the position of the slot games that you are playing and where they are found in the casino. If you keep this in mind, you might be able to increase your chances of winning.

The fifth worst type of slot machine that you can find to play in Vegas is one of the giant slots which are scattered rarely around the casinos. These are of course designed to attract the attention and to get more players interested in playing them, and they are of course set up to give big wins. The problem is that they will only give these big wins very rarely, so if you want to win on a regular basis you should stay away from them and go for machines which are a regular size. In fourth position there are the slot games which are by table games, and this is because of the fact that the operators of a casino always want to make sure that all of their players are satisfied. If someone is trying to concentrate on the table game, and they hear someone whooping and hollering because they are just won a jackpot on slots, they are not going to be best pleased to say the least – and this means that table game areas often have very tight slots. Another place that you absolutely want to avoid is the airport in Las Vegas, as the law which restricts the percentage payout on casino slots does not apply to the airport. The casino areas within the airport are very tight, and you should absolutely avoid them if you are looking to win big.

In second place, we also have to highlight the shopping areas which have slot machines included in them. These are placed there just to try and tempt you to part with more money while you are shopping, and once again they are not governed by the strict laws of the casino, just like the airport. Not only that, but what kind of shop can expect to have slot machine games available and also have any kind of class? Avoid these like the plague. Finally, in first place, the slot machines which you should absolutely try your utmost to avoid in Las Vegas are those that you find on the street. These are usually set up by con artists who are not really running real games, and so if you see somebody willing you can almost certainly be sure that they are part of the team who put the game there in the first place. Head in the opposite direction from these games!

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