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Worst Slots in Vegas

Often when it comes to advice we are telling you about the best games to play and the best casinos to play them in, but sometimes it has to be acknowledged that slot machine strategy also includes knowing which games to avoid. If you plan to play in Las Vegas, there are several types of slots that you should avoid at all costs, particularly when it comes to whereabouts they are placed. The statements which you are about to read are not based on conjecture, but rather based on the opinions of a professional casino psychologist, whose job it is to tell a casino where to place their games.

We will count down the top ten worst from number ten, which is those which are placed right outside of an open-air eatery. There are many slots which fall into this category as several Las Vegas casinos have restaurants that overhang the gambling area. Interestingly enough, people who sit and eat here generally want to watch other gamblers, but they will be more relaxed if the person playing the slots is not winning a regular basis. This means that the slots nearer to the open-air restaurants will be tighter. In at number nine, you also do not want to be next to someone who is winning big, as casinos will often mix in tight slots and loose slots together to ensure that those who gravitate towards winning machines will not be winning themselves. The only reason you will want to be near to someone who is winning on a regular basis is if you are waiting to take their machine over from them when they leave! Next up, we have to caution you to stay away from the bar tops, where you will often find video slot machines in Vegas. You might want to play video poker there, but the video slots are no good, as they tend to be very tight thanks to the fact that the video poker machines can be beaten by those who use the right strategy.

In many Las Vegas casinos you will find a separate hallway that leads down to the pool area, with slot machines scattered throughout. These are designed to distract people as they are coming to or from the pool, and may even be attractive to parents who want to play while they can keep an eye on their children swimming. These will be quite tight too, as the idea is to make money in an area which does not usually make money for the casino. In fifth place we have to highlight the slots which are kept in the bathroom area, which seems to be a growing trend in Las Vegas – and that we ourselves would not want to play those machines anyway because of the sanitation conditions, those who have often reported that these are some of the tightest machines in the casino. For so many reasons, please stay away from the bathroom slots, even if you ignore our other tips here!

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