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Woman Wins Lottery Twice On The Same Day

Have you ever won the lottery? Could you even imagine such a pleasure? All that cash floating around, making anything from cocktails on a Caribbean island to speedboat chases across the Thames in London a reality. Now imagine that times two.

For one Woman from Virginia, that amazing dream is reality! Yes, it really is true. Virginia Fike accidentally purchased two Powerball tickets using the exact same numbers on both, and despite being annoyed at her mistake soon realized just how lucky a mistake this turned out to be.

It was only after hearing on the local news that two winning tickets had gone unclaimed that she even looked at the tickets, presumably shrugging them off as “both losers”, but all has turned out very nice for Virginia and she is the lucky winner of TWO $1 million dollar jackpots. This has to be the luckiest and most surprising double whammy in history!

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