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Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine The Wheel of Fortune slot machines run on the same concept of the traditional wheel of fortune. This game is played extensively from Las Vegas to Atlantic City in the US and at many online casinos too. The slot machine comprises of different variations from 3 reels, 5 reels and video variations. Multi level progressive wheel of fortune slot machines is also widely played by slot lovers.

A few commonly used Wheel of Fortune slot machines are:
• Red White and Blue
• Double Diamond
• Five Times Pay

When the bonus spin is activated a ‘wheel of fortune’ on top of the machine is activated. The Wheel of Fortune slot machine games have a push button concept that starts the wheel spinning and then rewards you, depending on where the wheel terminates, i.e. anywhere from 25 coins to 1,000 coins or based on the progressive jackpots numbers.

The applause from the audience and the mantras sung ‘wheel of fortune’ by the audience adds excitement to the game. The table gets crowded with other players too standing by to watch the crescendo and the anti-climax is when the wheel comes to a grinding halt on the winning combination! Online wheel of fortune is also offered at all online casinos and this is primarily a 5 line video slot machine with 20 paylines and wagers from $0.01 to $10.

The Wheel of Fortune slot machines come in a variety of formats for example, five times pay, double diamond, red, white and blue wild star, and run on the same 3 reel concept with corresponding pay tables. The catch is that the machines are provided with a free spin sign that earns you a bonus payoff ranging from 25 coins to 1000 coins when it lands on the payline.

However though these slot machine games bring so much of excitement and thrill and the players are invariably found chasing the jackpot it is noteworthy to mention that you should keep in mind that wheel of fortune machines give the house a huge advantage and the house-edge is unbelievably high. Another determining factor is whether these machines are stand-alones or linked to the progressive jackpot this too plays an important role!

Since all these machines run on an RNG (Random Number Generator) concept it is hard to determine the outcome However do keep in mind that the wheel of fortune machines are largely 3 coin machines which effectively mean that you need to deposit three dollars at each spin to qualify for the bonus spin and the top prize. This can prove to be exorbitantly high and financial drain on some players. Also, the free spin feature of the machine almost proves that they are at a lower end compared to the average dollar machine. So eventually you pay for the free spins!

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