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What on Earth Online Slot

What on Earth slot

Straight from the X-Files, Project Bluebook and the Cone Heads comes the What on Earth online slot. A whacky and truly zany online slot that has at its core a number of visiting aliens of varying sliminess bent on beaming up humans for purposes yet unknown. Bad for the humans, but great for you – as you’ll be reaping the rewards as coins are zapped to your account.

What on Earth is What on Earth?

The What on Earth online slot is made up of a classic slot combo of 5 reels and 5 paylines. An immensely popular setup that means nearly all wins result in a big payout. Combine that with a series of different bonus games and you get a classic. Hence it’s here being reviewed here as one of our favourite online slot machine games. The theme is light-hearted with a comical take on the spooky alien abduction myth. You’ll find flaming fruit planet type symbols, as well as meteors, UFOs and the aliens themselves – all capable of big wins and, of course, launching some of the What on Earth online slot’s bonus features.

Amazingly there are 3 scatter symbols in What on Earth and all of them trigger independent bonus games! 3 or more adjacent Red Rocket symbols, Green Saucers or Blue Rockets will payout and then transport you to the off-screen game, where you’ll have to pick who to abduct. Prey for the shower babe as she’ll mean you original bet amount is multiplier by 200 times! If you beam up the “contest” symbol you’ll enjoy a new take on the beaming up bonus. This time you’ll be facing off against the other aliens to see how many hapless humans you can beam up in a minute and, naturally, win yourself monumental coin amounts. Finally, beam up the “globe” and travel to major cities around the globe for a beaming up bonanza that could see you earn x400 on your bet!

Key Features

  • 5 reels and 5 paylines.
  • Loads of scatter symbols capable of triggering the bonus game.
  • Bonus games within bonus games!
  • A slot that is really pleasing on the eye and easy to play.

Hints and Tips

What on Earth is a 5 reel and 5 payline machine, meaning wins are less frequent than with machines with more paylines. Normally this means when you do you win the amounts are for more. In What on Earth, however, the wins aren’t that substantial on the reels, rather the big payouts (and they are big) stem from the east-to-trigger bonus game. Be patient, hang in there and this game will pay dividends.

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