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Virgin Casino Unleash Crazy Slots

All the way throughout 2011 Virgin Casino have been publishing brand new slot machine games every Wednesday, and so on the 1st Wednesday of 2012 the online casino unveiled a slot game so incredibly crazy they had to title it exactly that. Crazy Slots is described by Virgin Casino as a “game of probability, fun, and strategy”, with a truly unique structure.

Crazy Slots from Virgin CasinoCrazy Slots features a individual master reel with three vertical spots. In the event the player begins the game this reel will rotate to a position displaying three symbols. Underneath this are four three reel “Slots” which do not spin. The participant selects a Slot to position the amalgamation from the master reel. It is put into the available position on the left of that particular Slot. When the initial combo is defined, a brand new three symbol combination presents itself on the master reel. This again must be slipped into one of the four slots. This is where slot machine strategy now rears its head. Gamblers should make an effort to place the symbols inside the slots in a way that whenever the 3 reels are full you will discover winning combos within the paylines. As the game continues to progress, hints and tips are given to the participant by pulsating already positioned combos which are enhanced by the existing one. After a Slot is loaded, points are granted for three of the identical symbol on any one of the paylines. When 12 combos have been positioned the overall number of points out of all Slots is given. If adequate points have been earned, the related prize is awarded.

Any slot machine game is of course rudimentary without having online casino bonuses, and thankfully Virgin Casino release this and offers some truly amazing ones for our gambling pleasure. Should nine of the exact same symbols reveal themselves in a slot, 200 very tasty bonus points are granted. The Crazy Slots logo is one of these symbols, and if this should appear on a payline points are awarded, but not directly. The free spins feature of Crazy Slots is activated and the points awarded via this feature add up and count as part of the game total. In the event that three of the slots depict a winning combo, then the total number of points is multiplied by one and a half times. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to see all four of the slots showing a winning combination, then the total number of points is awarded is doubled.

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