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Vietnamese Casino Case

A result has finally come through in a Vietnamese casino case that everyone has been playing close attention to – because cases like these could set a very important precedent around the world. A man who hit a $55 million jackpot on a slot machine game in Vietnam and then was told he would not receive the payout because the machine was faulty has won his case, and will now be able to collect the winnings.

The Vietnamese-American gambler, Ly Sam, saw the slot machine tell him that he had won $55,542,291.70 when he was playing in the Sheraton Hotel back in October 2009. Now, after more than two years of arguing his case and armed with signed witness statements and photographs that prove what the machine said, he has finally been granted his money – which are more than one thousand times the limit that the casino should have imposed on the machine.

The court in Southern Ho Chi Minh City heard how the house manager refused to give him written confirmation of his win or hand the money over, saying that the maximum on the machine was supposed to be $46,000 and that therefore he should not have been able to win so much more. They offered him a lower sum to reimburse the money that he had spent in the casino whilst gambling, but Ly Sam instead chose to hire a lawyer and start a lawsuit in which he demanded not only the money he was due but also the interest that he should have been able to earn on it. The court found in his favour yesterday, though it is not known whether they offered him the full amount that he asked for or just his winnings as they were. It is understood that the court rejected the argument of faulty machinery that the firm had put forward, stating that they had failed to show evidence of the fault – while reports were secured, they were not verified as being from the same machine by any official body. The company plans to appeal the ruling very soon.

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