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Vegas Casino Shooting

More tragic news of gun crime this weekend, after a Vegas casino shooting leaves two people dead. A man shot a woman and fatally wounded here at the Excalibur hotel casino on the Las Vegas Strip, then killed himself on Friday night. Frightened customers were sent fleeing around 8.30pm near the entrance to the hotel, where the event took place according to Las Vegas Police Lieutenant Ray Steiber.

Steiber reported that the woman was a vendor at the hotel’s concierge desk, and that while the man was found dead at the scene she was still alive. She was taken to a local hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival, with neither the victim nor the shooter as yet having been identified. It is also not very clear whether or not there was any relationship between the pair, or if so, what exactly it was. The registration desk was busy on Friday night when the shooting happened, with the National Finals Rodeo in town and many other events bringing patrons in as well as the regular draw of the chance to play slot machine games, and they all scattered at the first sign of gunfire. This ensured that no one else was wounded during this tragic event.

While the investigation was underway the area in which the shooting took place was cordoned off by police to make sure that they could conduct their search in peace, but both the hotel and casino remained open to patrons and are so today. The Excalibur, fashioned to look like a castle after the mythical Camelot where King Arthur ruled with his sword Excalibur by his side, is owned by MGM Resorts, along with several other locations on the strip. There are around four thousand rooms in the hotel, which is located at the intersection of the Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue. No further details on the case are as yet forthcoming, though we can expect them to surface as the investigation comes to a close and the identity of the shooter is released along with some explanation of why it happened.

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