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Vegas Casino Evacuation

It seems as though a false alarm caused a Las Vegas casino evacuation earlier this week, as in the early hours of Tuesday morning guests were ushered out of the Excalibur casino after smoke alarms went off and a smoky smell caused employees to take direct action. One of the four towers was evacuated at about 2am, with a two hour wait until guests were allowed back into the structure, according to MGM resorts spokesman Gordon Absher.

The reason? Apparently, one of the ventilation motors overheated, and started to put out smoke – so there was not a fire in sight! With the smell starting in the ventilation system it quickly spread throughout the building, causing panic as it seemed as though the tower might be on fire. The machinery was located in the roof and the smell managed to permeate three floors, each of which holds an average of thirty six rooms – and Absher says that the company regrets having to inconvenience their guests, perhaps even making them too tired to return to their slot machine games in the morning.

“As far as compensation, we will handle this in the normal course of delivering our good customer service,” he said. “We’ll deal with this on a case by case basis.” That seems like a rather good example of a statement which means nothing at all, but one guest said that management had offered to compensate him with a free buffet meal and a refund for the charges on his hotel room. Dave Ward was visiting from Canada, and said he was woken after 2am by a friend who was also being evacuated.

“I jumped out of bed and looked out the window to see all the emergency response,” he said. “So I got dressed and grabbed my essentials and walked out.” He reported seeing a haze in the air and smelling what seemed to be burning plastic, which could well have been caused by a cover on the machine getting too hot as it was in contact with the overheated parts. Fires are taken very seriously in Las Vegas these days after two deadly high rise fires thirty years ago, which claimed the lives of ninety five people altogether.

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