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We have a bit of a general listing of recent US slots news for you here today, with encouraging reports from across the nation and some record breaking attempts due to happen soon. First of all we go to Pennsylvania, where the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission released a statement that the second highest slots revenues for one month were achieve in March 2013, making almost a new record since the casinos opened in 2006 as gamers appear to be flooding back to the casinos.

This is good news as a whole for the industry, although the general casino slot market does still show a decline from last year when the highest month record so far was set. March 2012 saw a revenue of $233.15 million from the slot machine games, while this year has only seen $222.9 million. However, for one casino in Pittsburgh, the Rivers Casino, there was an increase from March 2012: though it was only 2.8 per cent, that is a significant amount in the current climate and the casino operators are pleased with this outcome.

Meanwhile we can go next to Connecticut, where a record breaking attempt is set to be made on the 27th of April. Enthusiasts in the area will be taking part in both the attempt for the Largest Slot Machine Tournament and the Most Slot Machines Running the Same Game Simultaneously, which will be held at the same time in the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort, so if you are in the area make sure that you head down to that one. There are three casinos on the resort – the Casino of the Wind, of the Earth, and of the Sky – so there will be plenty of room for everyone to get involved, and the best news is that the overall winner of the tournament will not only get their name in the record books but also walk away with $50,000 in cash for the privilege of doing so! Now that is something that you just cannot beat when it comes to a slot machine prize, so it is worth a look.

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