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Unibet Deal With Williams Interactive

Williams Interactive, who are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scientific Games Corporation, have just launched their first real money mobile gaming platform with online operator Unibet being the first to go live with the offering. The games will absolutely challenge your slot strategy skills with a range of themes and styles to choose from, including titles such as Zeus, Amazon Queen, Kronos, Lancelot, and Bruce Lee. The mobile platform will be available to all operators who have integrated with the Williams Interactive Game Server, though Unibet are the first to announce that they will be launching the system.

The games are put together with HTML 5 technology to ensure that they will be able to launch through multiple channels in the future, with new slot games such as Zeus III and Rainbow Riches expected to be rolled out in January in order to give operators something new to provide to their players as soon as they start to sign up to the experience. Williams Interactive CEO Orrin Edidin said: “Multi-channel distribution of our authentic Vegas-style slot content is an integral part of our mission to provide the world’s most compelling iGaming experiences. To that end, we’ve invested time and resources to design a premium mobile platform that uses adaptive game delivery to provide an optimized high resolution gaming experience for each player’s device of choice. The ability to launch our games on desktop, tablet and mobile simultaneously maximizes the value from each game in our extensive library, and provides our casino customers enhanced entertainment potential from each theme we release.” It certainly also puts them at the forefront of the industry, allowing them to offer something on a par with what their closest rivals are doing, so that they are very far from falling behind even in relation to the gaming giants such as Microgaming.

“The mobile games from Williams Interactive are a premium addition to our mobile and tablet casino offering, allowing us to deliver high-resolution slot entertainment to this increasingly important segment of our business,” said Unibet’s head of gaming Daniel Eskola. “We’re excited for the benefits we’ll gain from their multi-channel game launch strategy, including the efficiency in our marketing efforts on new themes and the ability to provide our players with on the go access to the same exciting content they enjoy via their computers.” For now you will have to stick with Unibet if you want to try the games out for yourself, though there is the promise that other sites will be launching the mobile version of the games through their software in the months to come, so long as everything goes according to plan. We can also expect to see a lot of new slot game releases from Williams Interactive over the next few months in order to capitalise on their new-found popularity and the attention which will come from players around the world as a result of their new platform. High quality slots are certainly to be expected.

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