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Understanding Progressive Jackpots

Understanding Progressive Jackpots As new players browse through the various casino games they will notice some of them marked as “Progressives”. These games are different from the other casino games and you need to know the difference between each of these to know what to play.

In a standard casino game, you bet on a specific outcome of the game and if that outcome occurs then you will be paid a certain ratio depicted in the payout chart. For instance, if at a roulette game you make a bet on a red number and that number occurs then you will be paid 1 to 1.

It is however different in a progressive jackpot game. Here most of the payout rates are predetermined, but in 2 or 3 outcomes the payout rate may vary. The outcome of this is paid as per the amount collected in the progressive jackpot of the game. Part of each bet is put into the pot which keeps growing with every bet a player makes. That is why it is called a “progressive” jackpot. There are two reasons why a lot of players prefer playing progressive jackpot games. First the payouts are much greater than the payouts fixed for normal games. Secondly, players can observe the jackpots rising to enormous amounts at the progressive games.

Most progressive jackpots are generated in online slots machine games. This is why many of the online casino games include plenty of slots machine games. Remember that not all the slot machine jackpot games are alike and it is best that you choose a game that suits your taste and objectives. Activating the jackpots in some progressive games have a very low frequency of occurring and thus the jackpot is not struck too often but the rewards are massive… often in the millions!

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