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UK Mobile Gambling Trends

A new set of studies has recently revealed some interesting statistics about the habits of gamblers in the UK, and particularly how they access games through their mobile devices. It is already well-known that mobiles are increasingly becoming the most popular new way to get access to slot machine games of all types, but there were some surprising results in the studies which could not perhaps have been predicted by those who normally give forecasts about the industry. One was carried out by the UK Gambling Commission, and one was done as a joint project between Loughborough and Staffordshire universities, and they both had some interesting statistics to share.

The most interesting that they revealed is the fact that despite the huge rise in mobile gambling figures which have been reported in recent months, it seems that only a small portion of bettors from the UK are actually driving this increase. 73% of bettors in the UK only gamble in betting shops according to the study, with the other 27% presumably accounted for by online and mobile gaming. We can however see that 15% of those who were left behind also bet in high street stores, which means that the core mobile gaming group is made up of only 12% of the total gamblers in the UK. Only 15% of the responders to the study had actually gambled in the past month, and when you take away the national lottery figures, this statistic falls to just 8%. This means that out of the 12% of total gamblers who use their mobiles to play, only 2% are actually actively doing so on a regular basis, which means that this tiny part of the online gambling industry is one of the largest betting areas per head. One leading online gambling company with customers in the UK reported a rise of 298% for mobile gambling this year compare to last year, which means that the 2% of gamblers are betting far more than those who are in other categories.

“These new figures for mobile gambling are a little surprising, and seem to contradict the massive rise in mobile gaming’s popularity over the past couple of years. However, what the figures could suggest is that mobile gambling has become massively popular primarily among online gamblers, and suggests that the online casinos should begin to integrate mobile gaming into their business, much like Jackpot247 has,” said a spokesperson for online gambling company Jackpot247 after hearing about the results. It may well be that the reason for these dramatic figures is the fact that online gambling through your mobile is something that can be done at any time or place, allowing those who play through their mobiles to make far more bets far more regularly as a direct result. It is unclear whether having the mobile app causes you to bet more, or whether the desire to bit more is what causes you to download the mobile app in the first place.

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