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The Slots in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Although slots are some of the most popular games in Las Vegas, many sources complain of their poor odds.

The Attraction

There are a number of reasons that players are popularly attracted to the slot machines. Novice gamblers can bet relatively small amounts of money in a non-threatening environment in a one-on-one game of chance with a machine. If the machine is paying out, a visitor can play for hours off a relatively small amount of money. Add to this the fact that slot machines come in all kinds of styles and games such as Jeopardy and The Beverly Hillbillies, among hundreds of others.

Slot Odds

In the casino world, the odds at the slots are generally worse than at any other casino game. Slot machines are strategically placed within a casino floor plan. While most of the slot machines have poor odds, there are a few exceptions that casino owners make sure have much better odds. These machines are known as “loose” machines. When loose machines pay out, it attracts players to local slots and those of similar type. Loose slots are intended to have a direct return on investment in the number of players they attract to the slots.

For visitors who really want a fair odds advantage with slot machines, most experts agree that they should focus on the high dollar machines. They usually yield the best pay outs for the investment.

Types of Slot Machines

There are two distinctly different slot machine games that use different pay out methods: a straight line slot and a progressive slot. Straight line slots are those that simply pay out the amount shown when the row of reels is matched straight across. The progressive slots pay out a jackpot that grows progressively bigger. Progressive slots are the machines that offer some of the better odds. When there is a pay out, the win can be big.

High Stakes Slots

While casinos are increasing their luxury suites to accommodate their high-dollar patrons’ living tastes, they are also making arrangements to provide the same level in gambling venues. Such high stakes salons come well appointed with state-of-the-art casino games, private cocktail waitresses and luxury surroundings. Up until now, though, slots have been kept a mixed casino bag. They are typically not considered an attraction for the high rollers. Recently, though, Las Vegas casino owners have en masse begun to provide separate high stakes slots rooms reserved for the wealthy slot players. No more rubbing elbows with the locals or the couple from Florida counting their change at the nickel machines.

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