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The Rise of Fortune Games

One of the most popular types of slot machine and indeed casino game that you will find both online and off-line is a very particular one – the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. This kind of game has been around for a long time, and there are several main variations of it which you can discover, all of which seem to have a universal appeal and capture the attention of people from all over the world no matter what their cultural background may be. You may recognize the name yourself already, whether you have played one of this kind or not.

The traditional form of the game is simply called Wheel of Fortune, and is also sometimes known as a Big Six Wheel. This is a game of chance which is played using a large vertical wheel which can be spun around, and you may well recognize the format and one that is used in many situations as part of games. The setup of the wheel is divided into a number of equal segments around the outside which form which shapes pointing towards the centre of the wheel, each of them separated by either spokes or pins or some other form of barrier. Each segment is assigned a value, with a lot of variations depending on the casino that you are playing at or the operator which created the game, and when the wheel is spun by the dealer the winning segment is the one which is indicated by a pointer which is flexible enough to be moved by the pins or spokes as they passed by it. The friction which is caused by the spokes hitting the pointer as they go through it slows the wheel down dramatically, until eventually it comes to a rest pointing at the winning segment. There are lots of different variations, as we have mentioned, so you might see different values on the wheel; you might have different symbols, with the game asking you to bet on which one you think will come up; you might see values coming up on the wheel, so that if you put down a bet you will win the value of the segment which it lands on – with some offering less than you put down; and others might have different setups entirely.

Another interesting variant which is used to exist was the Mississippi Derby, which was used at the Grand Casino in Gulfport before it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. This game features three horse symbols arranged on every wedge of the wheel, each of them in a different order, so that you could bet on which horse you think would come first. When the pointer lands on a wedge, the horse which is closest to it is the winner, with the one closest to the centre of the wheel being the third placed and last horse. Just like in horse racing, you could bet on placing, winning, or showing, making it a very unique setup.

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