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The Great Galaxy Grab Review

The Great Galaxy Grab slot

The Great Galaxy Grab was launched in April 2009 and became an instant hit. Nothing this big had happened in the world of online slot machine games since the launch of Tomb Raider 2 back in 2008, and slot players weren’t going to miss out on the unprecedented bonuses available in the truly amazing Great Galaxy Grab.

The Great Galaxy Grab

Much like the more lorded (and rightly so) Tomb Raider 2, The Great Galaxy Grab has so many features, slants, plots and subplots that there’s too much to write about in any meaningful way here. In an effort to be concise, we’ll list as many of the mains elements and things to look for in the Great Galaxy Grab below. The rest you’ll just have to discover when you spin this game’s amazing 5 reels and 20 paylines.

The first thing that will strike you as you load The Great Galaxy Grab (other than its amazing introduction animation!) is the look of the reels and symbols, with 3D animated symbols lending the game that extra bit of quality and playability. The game’s plot is well outlined and carried throughout. In a nutshell, the game sees the pirate captain, Bronzbeard, chase his former wife through space after she steals the heart of his ship. Oh, and you win a shed load of coins along the way!)

The key to winning big in The Great Galaxy Grab is the amazing trail bonus games. Activated by three Steel Scarlett (the ex wife) symbols, you will visit various locations in the The Great Galaxy Grab universe in sequential order. Every destination has a unique bonus game to play and its own coin rewards and challenge. Amazingly, The Great Galaxy Grab remembers your progress along the trail bonus and will return you to it should you leave (though this is quite hard!) and come back later (which you’ll definitely do!).

The sytlised “G” symbol is both wild and a scatter, making it one of the all-time most generous slot symbols in the business. When its not lining your pocket 3 or more will trigger 10 free spins and a x3 multiplier bonus, where the potential for huge wins is – excuse the pun – astronomical.

All in all, there aren’t many online slots that can match the Great Galaxy Grab, maybe only Tomb Raider 2 (because the brand and Lara) and Mega Moolah (because of its guaranteed £1 million jackpot). One of our favourites right now, it will undoubtedly stand the test of time too. In fact, look for us playing The Great Galaxy Grab way into our retirements.

Hints and Tips

Umm. Play it. That’s about it. Generous, gorgeous and easy to play – spin those reels and watch the coins flood in!

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