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Tank Floods Casino

Those who were looking to head to the Gulfstream Racing and Casino Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida, to play on slot machines or table games were sorely disappointed this Labor Day weekend – when a cracked fish tank caused gallons of water to spill out and flood the casino floor. Forced to close, the casino missed out on some much needed revenue, and will now be facing some impressive repair bills for the tank itself and all of their decor.

The floor to ceiling fish tank was one of the major features of the casino area of Gulfstream, fillwed with 13,000 gallons of saltwater to accommodate all the various forms of marine life that they were proud to display. It was thirteen foot tall, and more than one hundred sea creatures lived inside it as gamblers wandered past day after day, most of them more interested in the machines than the tank.

However, a loud crack was heard on the second floor just after midnight on Sunday, and that was when all hell broke loose – or all of the water, at least, pouring out from the top to cascade across the gambling floor. Thankfully, all of the marine animals were saved, as casino staff were able to rescue them one by one and taken them elsewhere before any have the chance to be left without water. These included nurse sharks and lionfish, so it was an act of bravery on the part of some!

President and general manager of Gulfstream, Tim Ritvo, said that the casino part of the resort will have to remain closed for several days while they clean up and get everything mended. The restaurant and shopping areas will remain open for business as usual, but if you were thinking about taking a spin on the slots then today is not your lucky day. A hazmat team has already assessed the area and made sure that there were no health hazards created by the flood, so all that remains is to repair the damage and get back to normal.

Well, if you are in the Florida area and were thinking of visiting Gulfstream, it is perhaps better to stick to online casinos until the whole mess gets cleaned up. After, all there is no risk of drowning while playing online – unless of course you decide to take your laptop with you when you go for a bath!

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