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Spin Tower Casino Launch

Facebook is set to see a new gaming platform being add to the ranks of their apps, with a product developed by Social Thrills which is set to be named Spin Tower Casino. This casino will be based exclusively around free to play slot machines, giving players to enjoy a fantastic new source of entertainment which will appeal to slot lovers everywhere. Mr Green owns forty two per cent of Social Thrills and so is largely behind this development, so you can certainly expect to see very high quality games with good graphics and promotions or events that make you want to carry on playing for as long as you like.

The contemporary content of the app is one thing that is certainly going to attract plenty of players, with modern stylings that are of course made possible by the fact that the people who put it together really understand what makes casino game players tick. The CEO of Mr Green is Mikael Pawlo, and he noted recently that it is likely that Spin Tower Casino will attract a large amount of players, both new and existing – and that this new market is exactly what Mr Green are looking to invest in at the moment in order to get the best results and really boost their profits. The company has also shown its commitment to online gaming by investing in another company, Social Holdings Ltd, for a huge amount of cash. This is the company which owns Social Thrills, and the founders of Mr Green were an active component in founding Social Thrills and then developing the new social casino in order to really push in this new direction. It is a move that they hope will expand their profit margins, giving them access to both casual and real money casino players through their various different enterprises.

There is nothing revolutionary about the app, but it certainly has a lot to offer in entertainment terms and will be something that a lot of players really enjoy, so it is worth taking a look at it if you are looking for a new social slots app to play. The way that it works is that you start off with one slot game available and spin to gain experience points as well as coins, and the more experience points you have the more new games that you unlock in order to give you more choices to play on. You will have more other features to unlock too, and of course you can share your progress with your friends as well as sending daily gifts to one another which will help you to gain more rewards and quicker. Make sure that you take the time to take a look at the page in the app store on Facebook if you are thinking about trying it out, as this will give you all of the necessary details as well as a preview of what it all looks like – and perhaps access to promotions.

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