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Special Thanksgiving Mobile Promotion

Those players who are looking for something to keep them entertained during countless hours travelling back home or sitting around the family home being bored will be very pleased to find some special Thanksgiving themed free slots to play. RenRen Games are giving all mobile gaming fans the chance to play a free Thanksgiving themed version of their I Am Slots app for both iOS and Android this week, so make sure that you act fast and download the games as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out on the chance to get them onto your mobile device.

Whatever your reason for wanting to play slots during Thanksgiving – whether you need to recover from your turkey induced food coma or want to avoid your family by finding something else to do – you can find plenty of opportunities to play with I Am Slots. This will give you endless opportunities for mobile gaming pleasure, as it is free to download and access and will give you the chance to just enjoy holiday based fun without any strings attached. There are twenty slot machines available in the I Am Slots app as it currently stands, with new machines being added on a regular basis. You can expect to see high-quality graphics and a wide variety of different themes available throughout their games, with collectable achievements which you can aim for, special events that of a massive prizes, and frequent promotions, with a lot of game features which have never been seen before on mobile games that across platforms. These include the Risk Double Game feature which allows you to double or triple your winnings; the Magic Wild which can transform a regular symbol into a wild; the Wild Reel which can cover an entire column to transform symbols into Wilds; Pay Both Ways, which allows you to win from both the left and right side of the screen; and even more exciting features.

During the Thanksgiving holiday season, you can download version 1.4 with a brand-new game feature, hold. This new feature allows you to use gems to hold one of the reels in the games and win big prizes, and you can even hold two of them at the same time in order to see how powerful this feature really can be. Plenty of the games will be free to play over thanks giving, so you can see what the game is like and whether you like the app itself before deciding whether to play after Thanksgiving is over. You can download it through the iTunes App Store whenever you would like to, or go to the Google Play store to find it for your Android device. It is easy to download and set up, and should not take more than a few minutes to be fully available for you to play the long as you are using a strong Wi-Fi connection to access and download the app, allowing it to run smoothly.

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