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Space Invaders Join BETAT Casino

There has always been a lot of love for space themed slot machine games, with examples such as Outta This World having done very well in the past. Of course, many games have taken inspiration from the traditional Space Invaders arcade game, which was incredibly popular in the past and is something that a lot of adults fondly remember from their childhood. Thanks to that effect, the idea of using even simple symbols which are based on the Space Invaders game has really boosted the popularity of certain online slots, so you can be sure that the latest addition to the BETAT Casino lineup is one that is raising a lot of excitement.

The new game is entitled Max Damage and the Alien Attack, which in itself is a fantastic name for a game and is reminiscent of cartoons and action series from the 80s and 90s. This game is fun, fast, and memorable, and is just about as far away from the normal slot machine games that you would find at places like BETAT as you can get. This is an arcade shoot up game which has ten different levels, all of them increasing in difficulty as you play, but it has the added attraction which Space Invaders never had a given you the chance to earn money while you do it. A lot of players who enjoyed Space Invaders as children are going to absolutely love this game and may well find themselves unable to try anything else for quite some time, so if you are ready to spend a few hours fully absorbed in play and losing track of time, then make sure that you head down to BETAT to try it out today! It is not recommended that you play it if you are going to work in the morning, if you have something that needs to get done today, or if you have social commitments, as you are not likely to be able to complete any of them once you have discovered how much from this game is!

This is a really unique experience to be found at a casino, as it does not reward players for winning through luck, but rather rewards you for your skill and defeating the alien invaders. This is the kind of game that arcade players in their childhood would have drained of, as not only do you have a whole lot of fun playing it, but you also get the chance to win real cash. How amazing is that? After having played this game, we are certainly hoping that other casino operators take a page out of the book of BETAT Casino and decide to add something like this to their repertoire as well, as there is certainly room for more games of this style on the market. With the chance to signing for the first time and collect a welcome bonus too which will allow you to play for free, there is no reason why you should not try this game today.

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