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Soccer Slots Are GOAL!!!

Meanwhile, in Europe, the incredibly popular football leagues are closing in on the climactic season finale and the soccer fans over there are going absolutely mad for it. For those who love the game, and want something even more then we can whole heartedly recommend checking out these all new soccer-themed online video slots.

For hardcore fans of slot machines and football we have the amazing five-reel offering known as Goooal. With three pay lines alongside the five reels you are sure to win lots of cash with this soccer slot. So, what makes this so different from a regular slot, other than the pictures? Well, I’m glad you asked because this is truly a unique breed of gambling game, because in an interesting twist for the genre you must start off by picking your desired team.

No, we’re not talking Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, or Liverpool here, as the developers of this delightful piece of entertainment have kept it nice and simply. Red… Or blue. Still, I like to think of them as Manchester United and Chelsea, being a Man U fan myself!

You can change your mind on the team you’re supporting right up until the third goal, though the odds reduce the closer to the end of the game, just like in real life sports betting.

Reeling back a bit (pun definitely intended), once you have selected your team you must spin the reels and cross your fingers. The primary goal in the game is to as some point during your gambling session hit the Goooal symbol, which can be seen on the far right on reel number five. But there is a twist, of course… The colour of the Goooal symbol depicts which team has scored. If you picked blue, and the red symbol comes up you’ve essentially just scored an own goal!

Even the most decent slot machine games wouldn’t even be half complete without a bonus round, of course, and Goooal is absolutely no exception to this rule. Once the third goal is scored, and the final scores are known, you can now start clicking on balls until the ref blows his whistle to signal that full time has come.

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