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Slots Strategy For Playing Online or On Land

There is nothing mysterious about slot machines and there truly are no tricks, systems or gameplay patterns that will guarantee winning. The simple fact is that many players will play a slot machine with no real “game plan”. Although slots produce random wins, and there is no system to beat a slot machine, be it online or land-based, there are a few tips that will certainly help to make your slot play experience a bit more enjoyable, and possibly a bit more profitable.

Mid-Level Jackpots and Payouts

A good rule to follow is to avoid the bigger jackpot slot machine games, as these offer much lower odds of winning. Many players make the mistake of being drawn into playing on slots offering huge jackpots, only to end up losing all their money. These slot machines should be played on when you have made some cash off of other slots. In other, if you have won on some other slot machine/s and you still have some funds remaining from your original Spending Limit, then by all means, give these types of games a try. Before that though, look for slots with mid-level jackpots as these are hit more frequently and provide a more realistic chance at winning on any slot machine.

Maximum Bet

As a general rule of thumb – play the maximum bet when playing on a progressive slot. The last thing you want is to land all the progressive symbols on the winning payline only to be denied the progress jackpot due to not playing the maximum bet. If the progressive slot’s maximum bet is beyond what you can afford, then look for a progressive slot with a lower maximum bet value. Chances are the progressive value will be lower as well, but you will at least stand the chance of winning the progressive jackpot should you land the winning combination.

Gambling within reason

We all love to win big on a slot machine. If you have ever won a substantial jackpot on a slot, chances are good that you would have been bitten by the bug – the bug that pushes you into thinking that it could happen again. It is usually the case that higher stake slot machines hold the biggest payouts, and it also usually the case that these machines will pay out more money over a longer period of time. A good rule to follow is – only play on high stake slots if you can afford to do so. You would know best how much you can afford to lose, and how long you wish to play. If that value is not substantial, then avoid the high stake slot machines.

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