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Slots Revenue Rising

News is breaking recently that the revenue earned by slots machines is on the up and up, as more people get into playing the fun games and visit both land based and online casinos for a shot at some great jackpot prizes.

To see the whole picture of slot machines at the moment you only have to look at one or two examples. Take the case of Pennsylvania: there are eleven land based casinos throughout that state, and the overall revenue that they generate has gone up this year by four point eight per cent from the previous fiscal year, with much of that increase coming as a direct result of higher attendance at the slots. The tax revenue that they provide between all eleven of them has now risen to $1.3 billion, a welcome boost to the citizens of the state who will be seeing direct gains as a result of this figure.

The gross revenue from slot machines themselves was up by five point five per cent, a huge figure that really speaks volumes about the popularity of slot machine games at the moment. This means that other forms of gambling within the casinos saw a drop  in attendance, accounting for the point seven per cent difference between the two figures, with slots rising far above other forms of casino gaming.

The state’s newest casino is the Valley Forge Casino Resort, which only opened on March 31st and has already seen a gross slots revenue as high as $11.8 million. This is nothing compared to the allegedly “struggling” Philadelphia Casino and Racetrack, which saw $263.6 million slots revenue this year and $280.4 million the year before. It is clear to anyone who takes the time to stop and look at the statistics that slots are a force to be reckoned with, and they will continue to grow as time goes on. This can in part probably be attributed to the fact that online slot machines are getting more popular too, and those who play online are then more likely to head for something familiar when they enter land based casinos. Nothing can compete, however, with the huge amount of revenue earned by the online giants, who are able to quickly roll out new themed games whenever a special event or time of year demands it without having to refurbish physical machines or install new ones, meaning that they are better able to target customers’ demands.

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