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Slots for Tokyo

Kinbasha Gaming International, Inc recently announced that they have successfully introduced some lower denomination slots for Tokyo, putting the machines into the Tokyo Metro area with just five yen tokens on offer, leading to an increase in the gross number of wagers that have been placed.

Kinbasha Gaming International are the owners and operators of retail pachinko gaming centres in Japan, which are known for their similarity to slot machine games as well as a certain amount of game play in common with arcade penny machines. Having introduced the five yen machines into two of their pachinko parlours in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, in Shinjuku and Fuchu, they found that more customers were coming in to play the games as opposed to the venues when they previously held only twenty yen games.

“The introduction of 5 yen slot machines at two of our parlors in the greater Tokyo area has been a great success,” said Masatoshi Takahama, Chief Executive Officer. “The lower denomination machines are attractive because they provide both new and inexperienced players more opportunities to hit the jackpot on a lower budget. As a result, slot machine occupancy rates and gross wagers are up at both locations.”

The Shinjuku parlour began accepting five yen tokens in March, at seventeen per cent of the two hundred and ten total slots that they have waiting for players there. The Fuchu parlour was the next to follow in April, with fourteen percent of one hundred and ninety six machines accepting them. They created promotional “five yen slot corner” displays at each location, and there are also now five yen slot machines at eight of their other locations outside of Tokyo.

As current exchange rate stand, the twenty yen slots are equivalent to a twenty cent game in the US – and the five yen tokens are also worth about five cents, making them similar to the nickel machines that you may find in Las Vegas. There are around one point four million pachinko machines in Japan, compared to around eight hundred and fifty three thousand gaming machines in the US.

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