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Slots Bonus Stolen

Charges have been made over the slots bonus stolen from the Foxwoods Resort Casino back in September, after it was revealed that one group of perpetrators managed to steal more than $90,000 by accessing the accounts of members who had been granted free slot machine play and redeeming it for themselves.

This case first came to light when a woman went to her slot machine games account only to find that $150 worth of bonus play that she had saved up had already been redeemed by someone else. Taking a look at the details of the account, casino officials found that the account had been accessed a few days earlier and which slot machine had been used, then reviewed CCTV footage which covered that machine to see a man who was playing it, from which they were able to identify and then arrest him. This man revealed that he and seven others were able to get the cash by picking up reward cards that had been left on the gaming floor.

Using the names on the cards, they used internet searches to bring up information about the players that would allow them to retrieve the pin numbers from their accounts, which they could then use to access the slot machines and play with the money – as well as claiming the winnings for themselves. It is not clear who the man that spoke to the police was, but his evidence led to another man being charged with first degree larceny on Friday; this was thirty nine year old J. Antonio Cifizzari, coming from New Britain. He allegedly gave out multiple rewards cards with PINs and the amount of money available in order to facilitate the crime amongst the group. He has entered a plea of not guilty and is being held in lieu of $125,000 bail, and it is not yet clear whether he has gained a lawyer to represent him.

Those that were known so far to have taken part in the scam have already been permanently banned from entering the Foxwoods Casino, but with their leader behind bars risk of it happening again seems slim.

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