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Slots Beat Racinos

A recent bill in Illinois proposed the introduction of racinos to the state, though it has been facing heavy opposition from the governor himself, Pat Quinn.

What is a racino? It is essentially a horse racing track equipped with slot machine games, allowing those who go for the races to stay for the gambling. There are forty thousand jobs revolving around the horse racing industry in Illinois, and many residents are saying now that the only way those jobs will be saved is if the racing tracks are converted into racinos and the gamblers come in their hordes to try their luck.

Unfortunately for the horse lovers of Illinois, two factors stand in their way. The first is Governor Pat Quinn, a formidable opponent of the gambling industry who has blocked a previous proposal to allow both normal land-based casinos and racinos within the state. It looks fairly likely that, despite all the efforts of those who are putting the bill forward to make it more attractive and eliminate as many of his concerns as possible, he will oppose the bill once more and block it from going ahead. He is not happy with the fact that racetracks have contributed more than $500,000 to Illinois lawmakers’ campaigns in the last year, preferring to keep gambling and politics as separate as possible.

The second factor standing in the way of the racinos is the existence of online casinos. For the player who is only in it for the game and not for the attractive draw of the jackpot, there are free slots at these places to be tried out whenever you happen to have the spare time to be online. And these online slot machine games, when they are paid, give out regular payouts and huge jackpots to any player lucky enough to make a match. When you can try these games in the comfort of your own home – or anywhere else that you would like to enjoy them, for that matter – why would you bother trekking all the way down to the local racino just to play an inferior game that will not give you as high a jackpot or as frequent a payout? Put simply, it does not make sense, and even if the bill is passed it is clear that gamblers will also recognise this. It looks like the horse racing industry down in Illinois will have to find some other way to stay afloat.

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