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Slot Winner Millionaire

Here’s a nice little story to bring some cheer to the day for those who just love playing on slot machines, one of the type that we all like to hear every now and then to remind us that this kind of thing really does happen: a player from Canada reached a huge slots jackpot on Sunday morning and made himself an instant millionaire, picking up 1.7 million Canadian dollars as his prize for playing at the same casino for so long.

This is one slot machine jackpot that is really going to change the life of the lucky winner, as he will be able to alter his lifestyle completely and can perhaps anticipate giving up work for good in the wake of this win. Roger Berube, the lucky winner, is fifty four years old and was playing on the MegaBucks slot machine at Casino Rama when he finally struck it lucky, after what, according to Media Relations manager Jenna Hunter, has been many years of an attempt to win at that same slot.

She said that she was at first shocked to see him claim the jackpot, saying that after seeing him try for so long she had come to the conclusion that it was impossible to do so, which was much the same reaction of Berube’s wife according to reports. He called her soon after his win, but had to put a member of the casino staff on the phone before she would believe him – and this is sure to be a much needed boost for the family. Berube told Hunter that his mother has been struck ill recently, and that this means he can now take care of her without any worries as to how much it will cost him to do so, and also without needing to worry about taking care of work in the local area (his mother lives in Quebec). According to Hunter, this money really has answered the family’s prayers, showing that good things do come to those who wait every once in a while.

The MegaBucks progressive slot network is a popular one, but it has only paid out eight times before now. The highest jackpot went to a woman from Toronto back in 2008, who walked away with a cool 9 million dollars, putting Berube’s win to shame (though we’re sure he is quite happy with the amount that he has received)!

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