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Slot Survivor Finals

Soon we will be seeing the world champion when it comes to slots machines, as the Slot Survivor World Series Final approaches rapidly. The competition has never reached a world stage before, so this is going to be a first for everyone involved – and all of the competitors are surely keen to gain that title as the first ever World Series winner.

The World Series began on the 20th of August, and in the three weeks since then there have been three qualifying rounds designed to separate the serious players from those who were just along for the ride. The last qualifier ended yesterday, and now it is time for the final round to begin, with a tournament that will end with one lucky winner going home with a luxury African safari worth $20,000. Surely far more valuable than that will be the Slot Survivor crown, and those who have made it to the final can also compete for other prizes such as a Samsung 55-inch LED television and Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Smart Hub Home cinema system for second place, a Samsung Series 7 Slate for third place and a Samsung Series 9 laptop for fourth place.

Prizes have already been going out thick and fast, with Round One distributing an iPhone 4S and an iPod Touch to the winning two players, Round Two seeing the awarding of an HTC One X Sim Free Smart Phone and an iPad 3 32GB, and Round Three giving a Samsung Galaxy S III, a Samsung NX200 KIT Camera, and a $350 Amazon voucher. The results will be set at the final day on the 24th September, with an announcement coming on the 25th as to who the overall winners are. Keep your eyes peeled to see who gets the prizes, and how much they are able to accrue in terms of slot machine credits – it could be interesting to know what those who are competing at top levels are able to achieve.

Who knows – with the help of some slot machines tips, a bit of practice, and a hefty dose of courage, you too could be entering the Slot Survivor World Series in years to come. The rewards are certainly worth it – and they are set to only get bigger as time goes on, meaning that you can expect even greater prizes as we move forward into the future.

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