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Slot Machine Turnover

It looks like a case of slot machine turnover for the Presque Isle Downs and Casino in Erie, as in an interesting move the venue is simply going to remove three hundred and eleven slot machines which are not performing very well from their casino floor. This will lower the net number of machines in the casino from two thousand and thirty one down to just one thousand seven hundred and twenty – though there may be plans to add more in order to replace them.

The slot machine games simply are not performing as well as the other machines on the floor, and this is why the decision has been made to take them away, according to Mike Tamburelli (the vice president and general manager of the casino). Sometimes machines just get old or worn out and the themes do not appeal as much compared to newer games, so he added that they are going to be replacing at least some of the machines with newer ones which they think will prove to be more popular. Fourteen new machines were already installed at the venue in January and February, and on the fourth of March they are expecting another new delivery of sixteen more machines. In an exciting event, those sixteen machines will also be used for the first invitation only tournament at the casino, to take place on March 17th.

All in all, the casino expects to install one hundred and fifty new games this year – though of course that will not quite cover the amount that they are taking out, it should allow players a bit more elbow room and give them opportunities for further expansion over time and going in to next year. “We’re going to be very aggressive with new product this year,” Tamburelli said. “When it’s busy on the weekends, it’s congested. We wanted to open up the aisles.” Part of this redesign and bringing in new games is to compete with the fact that the new Horseshoe Casino opened in Cleveland to provide more competition in the area, which the Presque Downs casino must hold its own against.

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