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Slot Machine Thief

Slot Machine ThiefLocal police enforcement is looking for a man who was seen breaking open slot machines to get the money inside. A surveillance camera caught the whole crime in action. With the help of the public, the law enforcement are simply trying to identify and catch the man that is seen on the video attacking the slot machines. One way to make money, but not a good career. Anyone who could provide them with any information is asked to report to the police directly.

The man was seen coming into Dodge’s Ice House on Highway 93 in Carencro holding an axe in his hand. After locating the slot machine he then proceeded to take some practice swings with the axe and hit the slot machine repeatedly with it until he broke open the slot machine. He then cleaned out the money that was inside and went on to the next machine.

He moved on shattering each of the slot machines and cleaned them out. When he finished his business with the slot machines (now thats what I call slot machine jackpots), he then went on to clean out the safe that was on the premises, stole the money from it and took a handgun as well. His face was covered with a ski mask, so that the cameras couldn’t get a clear view of his face and he was dressed in dark clothing. I also like wearing dark clothing. 🙂

Police think that the man could be a slot machine player who has visited the place before and are now trying to compare the pictures from the crime with all recent slots players of the Dodge. The camera gets a better look at his face once he goes into the office to smash the safe, but it is still hard to identify the man. However, the police have released the video of the crime to all major news organizations, hoping that someone would recognize some sort of characteristics from the man. Any assistance can be provided to the police by calling Saint Landry Crime Stoppers at 948-TIPS.

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