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Slot Machine Myths

Slot Machine MythsMyths can be very entertaining, but don’t be fooled; myths are myths for one reason… they aren’t true facts. In gambling myths can be very dangerous, especially to your bankroll… so be aware! Below are slot machine myths that you must definitely not take as true facts that will make you more winner at the casino.

1. You can spot a slot machine that is about to payout. This is a load of rubbish as the only thing that determines when it will payout is the RNG (Random Number Generator).

2. Slot machines that payout regularly, loose machines, are always placed in specific areas of a casino. Areas where it’s hard to find them and not near the casino cashiers. Not true at all. Casinos move slot machines around on a regular basis and there is no such thing as a loose slot unless its screws are loose.

3. Your odds of winning can be determined through counting the symbols on the reels. Not true… the RNG determines the odds so it is impossible to work out your odds just by counting the symbols.

4. The longer a slot machines goes without paying means the slot is ready to be won. Not true because payouts are regulated by RNG.

5. You will win more times if you pull the arm of a slot machine than by pressing the spin button. Haha I wish that was true but it aint. Once again the RNG determine the wins and not the forms that make the reels spin.

6. Hot coins (heat wise) will increase your chances of winning. What a load of rubbish again. Imagine standing next to a slot machine in a casino with a flame? Nice idea, but the concept is ridiculous.

7. Slots payout more on weekends. Not true although casinos do change their betting stakes on weekends to accommodate many more gamblers on weekends, but payouts are not eff, especially on slot machines.

Slot machines are great games to play, but winnings are based on luck, even though slots machines tips will help you too. But not myths!

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