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Shopping Spree slot

Shopping Spree slot

This is certainly one that is going to appeal more to the ladies, though there is of course no reason why the guys cannot get in on the action and start playing Realtime Gaming’s Shopping Spree Slot. This online slot machine game has been popular enough to spawn a sequel, and that means that it is one of only a small minority of online slots which have managed to become part of a series; perhaps one of the reasons behind this is the fact that there is a very nice progressive jackpot attached to the game for you to try and aim for.

The game really is all about shopping just as the name suggests, and perhaps you will be able to fantasise about buying some of the symbols that you have to match up when you get your big progressive win. The images that you will see across the five reels of the Shopping Spree Slot include handbags, strings of pearls, diamond rings with black sapphires set beside them, high heeled strappy shoes, bottles of perfume, bunches of flowers, and several different shades of lipstick, as well as shopping bags and dollar signs. There are nine pay lines for you to cover which means that this is not an expensive slot game to play, and considering that you can get the progressive jackpot or a maximum fixed jackpot of three thousand two hundred coins this makes it a good choice in terms of the return that you could get on your investment. You can also find all kinds of great bonus features here, such as a scatter symbol and a Mystery Grab Bag bonus feature, which are set to ensure that there is always something exciting that makes you want to come back to this game and play again. In order to get the biggest payout you have to be playing at maximum bet, and then you need to find five diamond rings on any of the pay lines which are available; this will give you the result that you are looking for. Interestingly enough, if you do get this match then you have the choice of either going for the progressive jackpot win or for a $100,000 shopping spree in New York, which certainly makes this a unique premise for an online slot machine game since in most cases you would just get the cash with no questions asked.

The Mystery Grab Bag feature is activated when you find three scattered bags on any of the five reels, and this will give you the opportunity to win just a little bit more out of the Shopping Spree Slot as you simply have to click on any of the question marks that appear on screen in order to find out how much you have won. This will be relative to the total bet that you have put down on the games, so you will be able to win a huge amount if you use maximum bet!

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