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Sevens and Stripes slot

Sevens and Stripes slot

Those who enjoy a classic online slot machine game are sure to have a good time playing on the fun and colourful Sevens and Stripes Slot, which certainly has a lot to offer in terms of jackpots as well. This is a progressive jackpot machine which really makes it very different to most of the other classic style slot games that you can find on the internet, and gives you something to reach for if you want to get the highest win possible and really profit from the game.

This is one of the Realtime Gaming classic suite, so chances are that you will find it at most online casino sites that have the RTG software running behind the scenes. The aim here was to provide classic Vegas style gaming, and you certainly get that impression from the red, white, and blue Sevens and Stripes Slot, which has an eye catching look and design. There are three reels here with just one pay line, so if you are going to get a win then it needs to be in one place only! You can bet up to a maximum of three coins, and you will need to put this amount down if you are going to get the jackpot win; there are six symbols in use, each of which takes on a traditional format so that you may well recognise them from other games. There are the red, white, and blue sevens, as well as a BAR with red lettering, two BAR with white lettering, and three BAR with the words written in blue. These are the only symbols that you will find in the game, with the lowest payout being for a match of any three BAR symbols and the highest payout, the progressive jackpot, being for one red, one white, and one blue symbol in a row on the maximum bet of three coins. In between these, in ascending order of value, you will find three one BAR symbols, three two BAR symbols, and three sevens, three three BAR symbols, three blue sevens, three white sevens, and then three red sevens. The highest payout that you can get if you bet two coins is four thousand eight hundred, while the highest at one coin is two thousand four hundred, which really shows how much more clout that third coin gets you.

It is very exciting to be able to play a progressive jackpot online slot machine game in a classic form, and the Sevens and Stripes Slot certainly does not disappoint as you will get everything that you need and more from playing the fantastic reels here. There are also some great sound effects which can be muted if you prefer the peace and quiet, and this game is available at quite a wide amount of online casino sites so you should be able to find it wherever you would like to play. It is certainly a popular one, for many very clear reasons!

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