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Mega Moolah slot

Mega Moolah slot

There are progressive jackpots, and then there are progressive jackpots. It has to be said that Microgaming’s incredibly popular Mega Moolah Slot fits in to the second category, and perhaps even demands capital letters – as this online slot machine game holds, and has held for some time, the record for the highest online casino payout that has ever been made. It regularly sees a jackpot payout which is up in the millions of dollars, and with such a huge jackpot available for anyone to win you can be sure that it sees a huge amount of daily players too, which only forces the prize to grow faster.

There are in fact four progressive jackpots which are triggered randomly as part of the winning bonus round of the Mega Moolah Slot, and in order to win one of them you simply have to spin the progressive wheel to see which one of them you will land on. You have the highest chance of winning the mini progressive, which starts to grow from just $10; then there is the minor progressive, which grows from $100, the major progressive, which grows form $10,000, and finally the mega progressive, which starts at a minimum of $1 million and can give you some serious prizes once it has been going for a while. You can get the bonus on any spin, and it will come up before any free spins are awarded; the only time when you cannot possibly enter the bonus round is when you are already playing free spins, and the great news is that if you win the progressive jackpot at the same time as getting a line win you will still receive both payouts together. Free spins are triggered by a monkey wearing quite an unusual headdress, and during the spins any wins that you make will be tripled; you get fifteen of them at a time, but it is also possible to retrigger the feature when you find more monkeys on the reels during this time. Free games are always played at the triggering bet; another great feature that you are going to enjoy is the wild lion symbol, who takes his place as the king of the jungle by not only helping you to make better matches, but also giving you a double payout on your wins that are made with the wild.

The other symbols that you will find and which will give you decent enough payouts in the Mega Moolah Slot are also based around animals that you might find in Africa, and so you will see characters such as an elephant, a buffalo, a giraffe, a zebra, and an antelope, all drawn in a cartoon style and visible across all five of the reels. There are twenty five pay lines available for you to cover in this game, and with an average payout of nearly $3 million this is a great bet in anyone’s eyes – and the record holder bet just fifty cents.

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