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Major Millions Megaspin slot

Major Millions slot

One of the big progressive jackpot games that you are going to hear about time and time again is Major Millions, and the online slot machine game has been taken to a whole new level with the release of the Major Millions Megaspin Slot. You can find a whole lot of entertainment in this one, as not only does it allow you to play several spins at once but it also has access to the massive progressive jackpot which all of the other Major Millions variations feed into as well.

You read that right – the jackpot is raised every time that someone plays on the three reel Major Millions game, the five reel game, the Mobile Major Millions, and the Major Millions Megaspin Slot – which means that it is now growing faster than ever before and certainly looks set to smash a few personal best records. You can watch it growing as you play in fact, as the screen holds information about how much you could win if you hit the progressive at any time! When you go into the Megaspin version of this online slot machine you will see six of the three reel layouts of the game, and you will be able to wager on all six of these at once. While this does represent a higher stake that must be put down every single time that you press the spin button, it also means that you have six different chances to win, and you might even manage to hit a payout on all of them if you are lucky! Be aware that you need to select how many pay lines you want to cover over all six of the games: if you select six for example then that is just one per game, and if you want to go for the maximum number of lines on each set of reels then in this case you are going to have to cover eighteen reels in total. Each of the game is an independently spinning set of reels and they will have no bearing on one another, so you may even get the same payout twice on two of the reels or have them all come up with nothing – it is all down to the luck of the spin. You can think of it as playing six consecutive spins, but just seeing the results all at the same time.

In all other regards, this game is the same as the original Major Millions three reel version, with no differences in how much you could win or which symbols you will need to match up. You are sure ot enjoy the theme of the Major Millions Megaspin Slot, which follows the Major himself and displays the kind of kit that he uses on a day to day basis as well as the troops under his command, including fighter planes and ships. The Major also appears on the reels to give you a generous payout when matched!

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