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High 5 Megaspin slot

High 5 Megaspin slot

If you are looking for the ultimate in entertainment then there is nothing like a megaspin online slot machine game to provide it, as these games give you the chance to spin several reels at once rather than having to play your games one at a time like normal. The High 5 Megaspin Slot is a three reel game with just one pay line, which makes it perfect for the megaspin format, and since it was produced by Microgaming you can count on it having one of the best levels of quality around.

You can play as many as nine games at a time through this interface, which is one of the factors that make the High 5 Megaspin Slot so special; other megaspin games may only go up to seven reels, but here you can opt to go for four, six, or nine at once. The interface is easy to use as you will see all nine of the reels displayed in front of you in neat rows, while at the bottom of the screen you can see how many games you have chosen, how many coins you have bet on each game, what your total bet is going to be, and what your win is – and you can change your games and coins with buttons underneath this display. It is not hard to work out and you will be playing very quickly in no time, spinning all nine reels to see how many of them you can get a win on at once! As with any online slot machine game, we recommend that you go for the maximum bet each time, as this will also give you the maximum winning potential – which you are certainly going to need if you are going to do well with this game. When you are ready to go, just hit the spin button, and all nine games will be off! As in the normal version of the High 5 game, the symbols follow a traditional style: you will see bunches of cherries, one BAR, two BAR, three BAR, red 7s, and blue 7s. The unique addition to the pay table here is the High 5 logo, which is the highest paying symbol of the game and could win you as much as fifteen thousand coins if you have put down maximum bet and matched up three of them.

You will be able to have a lot of fun while you are playing on the High 5 Megaspin Slot, and part of that comes from the fact that the game itself has a good classic style which those who are feeling a bit nostalgic for the old games are sure to enjoy. You may even feel as though you are in one of the old Las Vegas slots parlours, which is sure to take you back in time and allow you to really enjoy your time as a player, particularly as you can go for so many at once.

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