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Gold Rush slot

Gold Rush slot

You can always get a lot of entertainment out of an online slot machine game which has bonus features, and the Gold Rush Slot is no exception to this – particularly since it also happens to have a very advanced 3D style of graphics, giving you a deep game environment which looks great and really sets the scene for the whole theme of the game, allowing you to enjoy it all the more right from the very beginning. This is not the kind of game to be missed out on, as it has a great storyline carried through the symbols as well as the kind of quality that has come to be expected from the developers behind it, The Art of Games.

What you will find here is a wealth of great features, starting with the fact that there is an interactive mini game bonus round in which you will need your skill in order to get the highest payout possible. This will really make the experience more exciting for you, and on top of this the Gold Rush Slot also has a Pick Me bonus where getting three or more of the symbols on the reels will allow you to pick one of them at random in order to reveal a new payout which gives you a great boost to your funds. There are five reels here and they are covered by thirty pay lines, so there is a lot going on here – and as always, we recommend that you bet on all of them to ensure that you have the highest possible chance of getting a payout at the end of it all! There is also a wild symbol which will help you to get better matches on every spin when it comes up, as well as the ability to trigger some free spins if everything lines up correctly for you. You can get up to twenty of them, so this is a great opportunity to win big, with all of them played at your triggering bet! Some examples of the symbols which you will see on the screen, which all tie in with the idea of the gold rush era and the mining that accompanied it, include a hazard symbol, a pickaxe, some old fashioned posters, a chunk of ore, some gold tablets, a bag full of gold, a nugget, nuggets being weighed on a scale, some dynamite, a cart, panning for gold, and molten gold being poured into a mould.

Through all of these images you can construct the story behind the Gold Rush Slot: there is the idea of the miner starting to mine for gold, finding some nuggets, putting them all together, having them weighed to find out their value, melting them down and casting them into tablets so that they can be used as currency – a currency which now makes him rich. Perhaps it can do the same for you too, if you manage to get those right matches coming up!

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