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Gold Rally slot

Gold Rally slot

Those who enjoy winning big will always be looking for a progressive jackpot or two, and one of those that you would really do well to look out for is the Gold Rally Slot. This game has some great features going on that make it very exciting, and with just three reels it certainly takes on a different format to most of the progressives that you could find elsewhere. There are eight pay lines on this online slot machine game for you to cover, so make sure that you go for all of them for the best results!

Produced by popular game developers Playtech, you can be sure that there is a lot of value to be found in the Gold Rally Slot, both in terms of the jackpots that you could win and the entertainment that you will find while you are on the hunt for them. There are bonus features a plenty here, so take a look at the pay table before you start to make sure that you know what you are looking for! In order to win the progressive jackpot you need to do something quite unusual: across every slot on the reels, which are laid out in a three by three grid so that there are nine of them to fill, you must see a scatter symbol of the weighing scales. These scales give a good payout whenever they come up in large amounts: five of them will pay five times your bet, six of them will pay ten times your bet, seven will pay fifty times, eight will pay two hundred times, and the full nine gives you the progressive win. This is something that you can really aim for, and it also means that even if you are not quite there you will still get a decent win – which is more than can be said for most games of this type. If you manage to find the dynamite symbol in all four corners of the grid then you will also be able to access a bonus round, which is the perfect way to get some extra entertainment – and offers a unique way of opening the bonus, as this sounds more like something that you would expect to aim for in bingo than in an online slot machine game! There are no wild symbols here, but the other options more than make up for that.

You will find that this is a fun game which has a lot to offer, with humorous graphics and plenty of unique features that will keep you entertained. The best thing and the thing that is sure to keep you the most interested about the Gold Rally Slot is the fact that you can see the progressive jackpot amount at the bottom of your screen in red numbers, so that you always know how much you stand to win if you happen to really get lucky. The jackpot starts at a very respectable $75,000, and grows.

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