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Fantastic 7s Megaspin slot

Fantastic 7s Megaspin slot

The great thing about a megaspin online slot machine game is the fact that you really get to try a wide range of games at the same time, as you will find out when you try the Fantastic 7s Megaspin Slot game. The idea is that you play several reels at once rather than just having the one at a time to deal with, which means that you can get all of your games underway at once rather than placing your bets one by one and sitting through each individual spin.

There are quite a few advantages to being able to play like this, one of the notable ones being that it normally means that you get at least one payout every time that you hit the spin button thanks to the fact that you have a much higher chance of winning now. You can imagine all of the reels of the Fantastic 7s Megaspin Slot to be individual games as they are not linked in any way and the results of one will not affect the other; it is just as though you were playing the normal version of the game on several computers at once, for example! In all other ways the game would be exactly the same as you find it in its single spin format, so you will see the same symbols and the same payouts. There is a classic theme here which is modelled after the old fruit machine look that you will no doubt recognise, with the lowest paying symbols being a bunch of cherries. After this you will find the one BAR, the two BAR, and the three BAR images, followed by red 7s and then some great colourful blue and purple 7s which will give you the highest payout. If you match up three of these then you will get the maximum payout of two thousand five hundred coins! There is only one pay line here so it is nice and simple to pay, and you will be able to appreciate this all the more once you start to play and realise that all you have to do is choose how much you would like to bet each time. Going for three coins is the best option here as it means that you will have access to the highest possible win if the matches come in for you!

This is a very straightforward online slot machine game, and indeed it has to be said that if we were to recommend a classic style game to new players then this might well be in the list. There is no complication to the Fantastic 7s Megaspin Slot as you just start to play and away you go, watching all of the reels spinning at once to see if you are going to be able to get that massive match that you need on one of them – and it could even happen on more than one of them at once sometimes!

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