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Double Magic Megaspin slot

Double Magic Megaspin slot

Another megaspin slot that is sure to catch your attention is one that has been designed and developed by Microgaming, who are known for their high quality of entertainment and games that really grab hold of you and will not let go. The Double Magic Megaspin Slot is certainly one of those, as this takes the original online slot machine game and gives it a whole new format which allows you to play as much as nine games as once – with the option to also reduce this figure to six or four.

You will find that this is a little more exciting than some of the megaspin slots out there because, despite the fact that this is a three reel and one pay line game like many of them are, you will also find that there is a special symbol used in the Double Magic Megaspin Slot: a wild, in the form of a blue star which will also give you a very nice multiplier. The symbols for the most part do take on a more classic style, as you will find with many megaspin games, because of the fact that this makes them more easy to recognise while you are playing so many reels at once: there are bunches of red cherries, red 7s, and the one BAR, two BAR, and three BAR combinations. There are also plenty of ways in which you can mix and match these combinations, so make sure that you take a look at the pay tables before you start to play just to be sure. The star itself is the top paying symbol in the game as you can every now and then match up three of them in a row, which will give you the top jackpot of one thousand six hundred coins if you have put down the highest bet. When it matches up with other symbols in order to create a payout, however, you will find that one of them will double your winnings and two of them will times them by four, which will give you some great big payouts that you would not have expected! There are eight combinations in all which you can match up in order to get a payout, so there are plenty of opportunities to win and you are going to be able to enjoy them all in full as you play the nine games at once here.

Once you know how you like to have everything set up, you can even make it easier for yourself by using the auto play function to set the amount that you want to bet on each spin of the Double Magic Megaspin Slot and whether you want the game to stop after a certain number of spins, when you hit a jackpot, when you get a win above a certain amount, on any win, or when you get to a milestone of wins or losses, giving you great flexibility with the game settings.

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