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Crazy 7 slot

Crazy 7 slot

If you are looking for a Playtech online casino slot machine which gives you a more traditional feel than their modern video slots, then we certainly recommend that you try out the Crazy 7 Slot as this is a great example of a classic style game. The game interface appears like a traditional machine with the whole set up in place and visible, so that you can see everything at once just as though you were in a real slot parlour, and this is a single line game which is beautiful in its simplicity.

There are plenty of 7 symbols in use here as you may have been able to predict from the name, so you can be sure that you will get a lot of nostalgia out of the Crazy 7 Slot if you remember the slot machine games as they used to be. This is also a very brightly coloured online slot machine, with each of the sevens in a different colour – there are blues, greens, and reds. You can match any of them up for a small payout, or get the right colours in a row in order to win more, with a great boost sure to be had if you match all three of them on a three coin bet. This is quite a low tech slot game, which many may find interesting compared to the normal modern online slots that we see nowadays with a lot of different features, as there is no bonus round here and no special symbols either. You just have to get the right matches in order to get the payouts, and there is nothing more to it! The highest payout comes from the red 7s which will give you as much as four hundred coins if you bet the maximum amount, which is certainly the best recommended course of action here to be sure that you can get the biggest win possible if your luck does come in. There are three lines here and the set up is very clear, with buttons under the reels which allow you to raise the amount that you are betting, bet the maximum automatically, bet just one coin automatically, or spin the reels yourself. There is also a lever on the side of the machine in order to make it look just like the one armed bandits of yesteryear!

There is a lot to be enjoyed with this online slot machine game, including the effect of standing in a slot parlour which even extends to the fact that there are other machines just visible to either side of you. On the machine display of the Crazy 7 Slot you will see red digital style numbers which tell you how much you are betting, what your credit balance is, and how much you have won on each spin – make sure that you keep an eye on that figure in order to see whether you have managed to make a win every time!

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