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Bank On It slot

Bank On It slot

If you are ready to start playing as soon as you possibly can, then one of the games that will keep you going at a fast pace and give you the chance to really experience that thrill that you are looking for is the Bank on It Slot. This is an online slot machine game released by Realtime Gaming (RTG), which has a great concept behind it in the form of the bank idea and which really ties in with the fact that you can win some big money on this one.

Despite the fact that this is a classic style online slot machine, you can still find some great features included in the Bank on It Slot which make it all the more exciting for you to play. There is a more simple structure in place here in terms of the layout, with three reels and just one pay line available so that you do not need to worry about how many of them you cover. There is a wild symbol on the reels which literally takes the form of a symbol emblazoned with the word “wild”, allowing you to spot it easily whenever it comes up. This will allow you to make better matches by substituting for other symbols, meaning that you can get better payouts – though it only appears on the second reel. You are always paid out the highest value match on the reel, so if you are in a situation where it would be possible to create more than one match with the wild symbol you will only receive a payout for one of them. Then there is the Piggy Bank bonus feature, which adds an interesting twist to the game: if you get three blank spaces on your pay line, then you will get an amount equal to your bet placed into the Piggy Bank on the top right hand side of the game interface. This bank will continue to grow and grow until you manage to match up three Piggy Bank symbols on the reels – which cannot be replaced by a wild symbol – and then you will win all of the coins which are in the Piggy Bank. There are also three more regular symbols, which have no effect except to give you a payout when the right ones match up: these are quite traditional in form, as you will see a blue 7, a red 7, a one BAR, a two BAR, a three BAR, and some cherries.

You will get a great experience when you are playing the Bank on It Slot in a classic style with all of these traditional symbols, and yet still with the chance to win big and take part in great original features. The highest paying combination is three red sevens on a three coin bet, which will offer you a payout of one thousand four hundred coins. The lowest payout comes from matching up just one cherry symbol on the reels.

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