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Awesome 5 slot

Awesome 5 slot

There are not many online slot machine games out there which have as much of an entertainment value in terms of humour as the Awesome 5 Slot, so this one is really one of a kind and you are going to want to check it out to see if it is up your street. The theme is one of superheroes, though it is a little more tongue in cheek than you might expect: when you take a look at the symbols in the pay table and on the reels, you will see exactly what we mean!

There are some really strong characters which you can see here, taking up the roles of both the heroes themselves and the villains which they face down. Some of the images that you will see in the Awesome 5 Slot include a muscled man in a cape whose logo is a pill, suggesting that he is only strong because of the supplements that he takes; a man in a flash costume who is clearly very old and confined to a wheelchair; another man with a very bendy arm which he was managed to tie in a knot, as well as a bit of a beer belly; a woman in a mouse costume who is holding up a bit of radioactive cheese; the main villain, who appears to be a man who has a television for a head, showing an angry looking face drawn in to the static on the picture; a very fat hero with a burger in his hand and another burger on his costume; a mystery woman, whose costume bears simply a question mark; a mad scientist type who is raising their arms to shout and gesture; and finally a large golem type character who appears to be peeling all over his body, much like a potato. All of this aside, there is more entertainment value too in the features and bonuses that you are going to come across, such as the mini game which is launched by a symbol showing all of the Awesome 5 together (bendy, pill man, mystery woman, burger, and wheelchair), or the mystery prize which is launched by the woman herself. There are even free spins, which you can get courtesy of the mad scientist –who appears to be wielding some sort of ball device which no doubt spins in order to do what it is  supposed to do.

This is clearly not like the slot games that you will be used to at most sites with cute illustrations of puppies or a more traditional approach to the symbols, so you can certainly say that playing the Awesome 5 Slot gives you a unique experience that you just have to try at least once. There is nothing like a game which takes things to the next level, and allows you to experience a more sophisticated take on things like the satirical humour that you will find present in all of the rounds played here.

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