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Slot Machine Games

Slot Machine Games

The basic models of slot machine games are the three reel and five reel slots machines. The 3 and 5 reel options are good for those players who plan to play with a moderate sum of money for a longer duration. The 5 reel machines will have paylines ranging from 5 to 21 and the bonuses are of two types: namely bonus games and free spins.


A payline is a line where the symbol should be for the player to be able to win. Standard slot machine games have only a single payline and to offer a larger variety the Multi Payline slots were created. Multi payline slot machine games offer many paylines and would range from 2 to 9. This necessarily means that the machine can dispense with a win depending on how the player views the reel. For example there are 5 paylines, positioned in the center, up and down. There is still another that starts from the upper left symbol and runs down to the lower center, and terminates in the upper right corner. The 5th payline is similar to the last one but commences on the upper right.

When you place your stake on a multi payline online slot you are wagering on each payline. The multi payline machine provides you with the option to wager on select paylines or to wager on all paylines with a minimum stake. Do keep in mind that Multi-payline is best suited for those with a huge budget in mind!

Free-Play Game

Why not try your luck at this free-to-play slot game before diving into the real money fun? No need to sign in or enter any details, simply get right to playing!

Classic Slot Machine

Stars and Stripes slotCrazy 7 slotSevens and Stripes slotBank On It slot

These games are the most common and comprise of the 3 reel and 1 payline machine with twenty two positions per reel. Each reel is clearly marked with different symbols and on completion of a spin, the three reels will halt and you will notice casual selected symbols that are positioned on the game window. Each combination represents different payouts and it is easy to decipher what is your payout amount.

Video Slot Machine

Bonus Bears slotWheel of Fortune slotAwesome 5 slotRealm of Riches slot

Video Slot Machine games on the other hand are those that do not have reels but have automated slots and are computer generated, typical of those at an online casino. The video slot machines have better graphics with more varieties.

Bonus Feature Slot Machine

Gold Rush slotIron Man 2 slotAztec's Millions slotOutta This World slot

These games are a combination of the classic, reel and the video slots. When defined groups of symbols appear the bonus feature slot is activated and this is symbolized by free spins.

Progressive Slot Machine

Mega Moolah slotGold Rally slotShopping Spree slotCleopatra’s Gold slot

Slots that grow with each wager placed and the key to win a progressive slot game is to play on a maximum number of coins.

Multiple Slot Machine

Major Millions Megaspin slotFantastic 7s Megaspin slotHigh 5 Megaspin slotDouble Magic Megaspin slot

Similar to that of classic slot machines with multiple chances of winning due to more than one game being played at once. The multiple slots can give out huge payouts and are ranked second to the progressive slots.

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