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Slot Gambling Age

Slot Gambling Age The gambling age in the state of Florida might be changed from 21 to 18 within the state. Right now there are problems with determining what you can do at what age and there is some disparity in how gambling is handled within the state. Young people under the age of 21 can gamble in the form of the lottery, at racetracks, and they can play poker but only those who are 21 or older can play Class III gambling games such as slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, etc.

Making these games legal for those under 21 would automatically open the doors to the real casinos for youngsters. Many are upset about the package that is on the table that would make slot machines, etc. available for those under 21 and say that they do not have the emotional maturity to handle playing slot machines and other high revenue games – and that it is shady and underhanded of legislators to even try it.

If the state throws the net a little wider and allows more people to play slot machines, legislators will be able to bring in much more money to the state. Senators mentioned that there is no difference between young and adult players because of the fact that there are some adults who are not responsible enough to play slot machines and yet they are allowed to. But anyone with a little brain would know that there is a big difference between the age of 18 and the age of 21 and would understand that allowing youngsters to play slot machines is just a bad idea. However, the state is trying to argue with the fact that rate of accidents would significantly reduce if they only would allow young players to gamble in their own state, rather than driving to another state, where gambling is legal for those under 21.

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