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Singapore Fines RWS

They are one of only two casinos in Singapore, and with their huge casino floor that features slot machines, table games, speciality games, and all of their other attractions as well, you would think that Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) would be fairly happy with what they already have. After all, only the Marina Bay Sands exists to split their profits in the area, and those profits are quite considerable – but it seems as though that is not at all the case, as they seem determined to continue breaking local gambling laws in order to gain new customers.

They were fined yet again this week for breaking laws that surround the idea of entry levies, which are required by law and should therefore be enforced as compulsory. As this is something that they have already been fined on before, the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) has handed them a whopper this time – with the highest single financial penalty that they have imposed to date, a fine of S$600,000.

Investigations were made after members of the public reported that they had received complimentary Universal Studios Singapore (USS) tickets when they renewed their annual levy: locals have a choice of paying either S$2000 a year or a daily entry fee of S$100, whichever seems to be the most reasonable to them. However, receiving a prize as a reward for renewing falls under the category of being reimbursed, or in other words not having to pay the full entry fee as the law states. The impetus is on the casino here, so none of the customers that received the money were in legal trouble, but RWS really have to shape up if they are going to avoid any further punishments. The CRA found that between February 1st and May 31st last year just under three thousand five hundred locals were reimbursed in this way, with other incentives including concert tickets and free hotel accommodation during this time.

It is understood that RWS will have gained more from the influx of new customers than they would have lost through the fine, and after all these days they have to compete with online casinos as well as resorts in nearby Macau, which are very popular amongst international visitors. Still, that does not condone any kind of legal behaviour, and sticking to the rules should really be their priority. Further punishments in this area could extend to cancelling or suspending the license, so it is a serious matter!

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