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SG Gaming Launches New Games

SG Gaming, which is the UK based subsidiary of the US gaming developer Scientific Games Corporation, has just launched three new slot machine games for online and land based customers. This increases the range of multi channel content that they have on offer, and certainly raises the bar from traditional games like the Stars and Stripes slot to something that is absolutely suited to the modern slot gaming industry and will sit as a strong addition to their portfolio. Players can find the games immediately in a range of casinos, no matter whether they play online or on land.

The first two games are for the moment staying in land based venues, such as bingo halls, arcades, and retail centres, as well as casinos. They are both five reel games with strong themes, one of them being Big Cheese and the other being known as Barkin’ Mad. The third game is one that has been available in arcade and bingo venues for a little while and has seen some success, which is why the decision was made to transform Money Mad Martians into an online slot which offers the same features and the same enjoyable play experience which online players are sure to love. The games were all developed by the in house team of designers at SG Gaming, who were led by the director of content development, Rick Mountney. Mountney has recently stated that the company offered “world-class content, across multiple platforms,” with “a long track record of developing games that prove to be player favourites.” He also added that “The games development team at SG Gaming have a wealth of experience. That experience shines through in the quality of content we offer. We do everything in-house, all the way from designing the concept to delivering it, which helps us with quality control and ultimately helps us offer a better product to players.”

If you are keen to try out one of their products to see for yourself what they are so excited about, then make sure that you seek out either an online casino which uses their software package as part of their offering, or go to a land based casino which uses their machines. If you live in the UK then this will surely make things easier for you, as you can find SG Gaming consoles in a range of different venues across the country, as they are one of the more popular choices when it comes to installing slot machine games in bingo halls and arcades there. This in itself speaks volumes about the kind of quality work that they are putting out, as well as how they are able to ensure that their customer base is always loyal and happy, with a range of fantastic games that take on a variety of different themes and which are also being put out and updated on a regular basis. Their multi platform business model is one that will show them much success.

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